Episode 1

Published on:

7th Dec 2022

God Rest Ye Merry Physicists | Part One

A Christmas Adventure Like Nothing You've Ever Heard

On Christmas eve, a team of brilliant scientists hit a major breakthrough in their portal to another universe. They can't imagine how dearly their curiosity will cost them when they decide to go through to the other side.

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'God Rest Ye Merry Physicists' was written and directed by Derek Toombs

Ableman - Dino DeRosa

Bachus - Derek Toombs

Caffrey - Shelby Reynolds

Danhke - Ray Alvarez

Grace/Cashier - Isabel Barbato

Crystal - Alexis Jackson

Ableman's Son - Shawn Murray

Mrs. Ableman - Julia Collazo

President - Sharon Sprague

Narrator - James Holmes

"It's Christmas" sung by Delaney Toombs

Special thanks to Triune Digital and Film Riot who were kind enough to provide science fiction sound effects.

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